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2008-07-03 19:28:36 by MrPikkis

Yay, my 2nd post! What should I write here...Don't know. Hey, if ANYONE is reading this, check out my new 'n' cool song called ABT - Long Way Home (remix) ^^. It's worth it, don't worry ;D.

PS. Doodles!

PPS. And check out "Journey to the Highest", It's one of my bests, too.


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2008-07-11 12:22:15

I must admit I sure love those tracks! Only I admire one song more than both of em, I only forgot the name. xD Anyways keep up the good work! ;D


2008-08-31 16:41:04

Yeah i have to say that the ABT - Long way Home (remix) is one of your best... its really is one amazing song should be top 1 out of 294283492389052375092 :D haha



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