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2008-02-02 16:37:54 by MrPikkis

Hiya everybody! Uh...It's me, Pikkis!

Hey, now that you're here, why don't you check out my songs! Atleast check Say Goodbye, My Love. That's my best song I've made up so far :].

'Ave a nice day :D!


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2008-05-13 02:54:13

hey your songs r great! =]

(Updated ) MrPikkis responds:

Thanks buddy ^^. Man, this post is old :o. I mean that "Woobdidoo!" :D. Should probably make a new one, dunno.


2008-06-30 17:09:05

Just to say I love your way off music, I don't know why something just shooted out in best of the week, because you really deserve it man!
I liked "Journey To The" the best only for my oppinion the switch to classical and BAM trance wasn't that good. but anyways I love it!

MrPikkis responds:

Omg, it would be really nice to get to the best of the week list :D. Great that you like it :)!